I'll be reading the personality traits from Human Design software about the 6 major government leaders; Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, McCarthy, and McConnell. Be ready for a lot of details. Their birth data is available and I printed out their charts with the personality descriptions they were born with. I already had my own opinions as I'm sure you do but there were a lot of nuances that were new insights for me and I'm sure for you too. You'll see that a lot of what you thought about them was real and will wonder if I had any role in influencing the information. It was all objective although you'll hear me make a few comments about what I'm reading from the printouts which you'll know are my own.


We're all born into specific and intricate personality traits that stay with us. The descriptions in our Human Design come from the details of the Chinese I'Ching. After 19 years as an analyst, I've learned they are on target. Let's see what you think about how on target the traits are for our major government leaders. I'll read out their most relevant ones and I think you'll really appreciate their insights. After this, you'll know a bit better what to expect of them. It'll be fun to watch them fulfill the personalities they chose to be born to. The I'Ching holds the full spectrum of life so there are many possibilites and we can be born into great traits and horrible traits. Let's see what shows up here.

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