Tom Goddard is a writer and teacher of integral philosophy and evolution who has a primary focus on the understandings of love. Probably the most telling observation we can make about the different cultures through time is how we relate to each other. What is the language of love that we speak? Even now, we wonder where love lies in our mainstream and how the public makes its choices the way it does. Older cultures haven't completely died away and many of them are still prominent in our world. They all speak different languages of love.

This is a conversation that we all must have to understand how to get along and honor each other better. How do we want love to be realized by each other? What do we expect from each other to honor the needs of our hearts?
How limited is love? Do you feel its presence wherever you go? Don't you think you should? How cared about are you? How do you feel about OTHERS? What about groups you're not a member of? Do they still respect you?
There are many tribal mentalities that are rooting against you if you're from a different tribe. Maybe it's your sports team or your corporation that has to beat others. So then how does love get kicked around?
Listen to this show to understand some of our deeper and maybe still unresolved human issues about love.

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