This is a time of very complex feelings and everyone is being challenged to cope with emotions that can limit your full expression in life. In this show, Steve Gottlieb will talk about the techniques he uses to help people feel better. These are tools that you can use for yourself every day that will not only help you emotionally, but can also help your physical health. Steve is an expert at EFT and even if you already know about it and use it, this interview will be helpful to inspire its further use. It's likely a technique you can pass on to others who are in need of help.


So many of us are fortunate to have enough life supporting opportunities in this locked down time. Even so, we're coping with an incredibly challenging period that takes a lot of inner strength and resolve to just feel okay every day. Buddha said that life was about suffering and maybe we just have to learn how to deal with our current limitations. Fortunately, there's a simple tool, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that can help minimize inner struggle. This show, with our guest Steve Gottlieb, can inspire you to make your emotional life a lot easier. Steve is an expert at this technique and knows so many ways it's helped so many people. It's wonderful to hear from him and have his wisdom available so we can live more comfortably through this time.

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