All of us are being tested right now to manage an extremely difficult period of keeping ourselves and others from becoming very sick. It's also a time to maintain some quality of life within very limited circumstances. We're all handling it differently and many of you are quarantined with others who have different needs and fears than you. It's often frustrating to watch these different personalities perform in their own way. Hopefully, you're in good circumstances and can get through this time with reasonable success. Nattalee Lillico and I will be describing how the Human Design chart illustrates our unique differences and how you think, feel and behave in ways you were born to be. You can look at your own chart if you either already have one or we can send you a free chart if you email us. Here's a LINK to her email and here's a LINK to mine.

Again, I'll be speaking with Nattalee Lillico, another Human Design analyst as I am. We'll be describing how the system shows us our personalities in handling such a crazy time.
There's so much the chart has to say about what we're like during hardship. This can help you understand why you're different from others and they are different from each other too. You can look at your chart during the show and we'll send you a free one if you email either of us. Nattalee is at EMAIL ADDRESS and I'm at EMAIL ADDRESS.
Tune in so you can learn about the energies at play in your life for this time.

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