What if you had no hope left and have tried everything? Many of us are feeling lost and perhaps hopeless in this troubled time. How can we make a breakthrough for a better life?
Jayka Duncan had a recurring cancer and valiantly attacked it with all she knew. She undertook many alternative modalities that are known to have reversed cancer for many. Not only didn't they work, her cancer got worse.
How can that happen? What was still missing? She basically surrendered and decided to fully live what was still left of her and for her.
This is a remarkable story and her book "Healed by Cancer" explains it.
Jayka Duncan is an incredible role model for all of us and we can use one right now. She had to tackle the impossible, a late stage cancer with no obvious solution What could she do?
She had to find the wholeness within herself to heal the brokenness of her body. How she did it holds important lessons for all of us.
Be sure to tune into this profound healing story and perhaps it can help to heal us all.

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