How many of you have encountered angels in this life? So many have and its a great blessing.
George Washington was visited by an angel at Valley Forge who told him about the future and his eventual success as well as about future wars centuries ahead.
There were 6 Russian cosmonauts who were visted in space. The angels showed up outside their craft and appeared to be as large as a 747 plane.
Of course, these are famous encounters but there are many day to day experiences that are common to many of us.
Not all angels have wings and halos and many are teachers who are recognizable people from the past who have important messages for us.
I myself have had many visitations and know how magical and helpful they are.
Tune in to hear Tricia McCannon talk about the contributors to her book, "Angels, Personal Encounters with Divine Beings of Light", who have had their own amazing angel experiences.

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