Don't you feel like you're just making it up as you go along? Aren't you dealing with life as it arises and have no idea what's coming next? Maybe your soul knows better and you're following a plan it set up before you were born. You don't even realize that so much of your life was arranged ahead of time. Oh what a surprise that you meet many of the important people in your life. Maybe your soul wasn't surprise at all and only sees that the plan is being followed. For so many people, this is a new concept and how do we even know it's true? When you do a life between lifetimes hypnotic regression, you get to see yourself choosing and making plans for this life. You'll be surprised at the particulars of the plans that were made. Robert Schwartz has studied this phenomena and his book "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born", describes all the details that our souls go through to get ready for your birth. He's also written the book, "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born".

This is an opportunity to learn how our lives are shaped even before they begin. Our souls are very careful to plan ahead to make sure life can satisfy our soul needs. We're here for growth even if it appears that we often take steps backward as well as steps forward.
Since most of the big challenges in our lives were pre-planned, I'm sure you're asking why your soul could have done this to you. It knows better than we do but maybe it doesn't realize you won't be as happy as it is about it. Certainly, for most of us, our lives have plenty of joy and happiness amidst our struggles and we come here for those too.
Let's understand that this is a difficult planet going through extra difficult times. Maybe we've come here not only for the difficulties but to appreciate roles in finding solutions.
Tune into this valuable interview with Robert Schwartz to lean more about your soul's journey.

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