We've heard many stories of people having out-of-body experiences during periods of near death, pain, lucid dreaming during sleep, meditation or hypnosis.  Some people have made a practice of it.  The reports back have helped us learn more about life outside our normal reality.  Most of the stories people have told of these travels seem to fit together very well. Stefanie Darrell has been astral traveling thousands of times over the last 33 years.  She has a new book, "Seven Glorious Days in Heaven" in which she discusses experiences and lessons of these travels.  I love this book and the details she reveals about life on the other side.  It makes so much sense and excites me about the other-dimensional realities we've all experienced before and will definitely experience again. Joining us in this interview is Stefanie's son Darren Knight, who is also an astral traveler.  It seems to run in her family including her mother, uncles, etc.

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