Life isn't easy so we often forget how precious it is and how the magic is working.  

Karen Maezen Miller, my guest this week, is a Zen Buddhist Priest who has written the book, "Paradise in Plain Sight".  She purchased an old house with a dilapidated, very old Japanese garden in back and she wasn't a gardener so had her work cut out for her.
Perhaps we all feel we're trying to make a beautiful garden out of our lives but it isn't so easy.  The question is, when do we get to enjoy it?  Zen teaching is very inspiring to make the present work for us and Karen has written a ton of wisdom into her book. 
Listen to this show to inspire yourself about the paradise that already exists.  We keep forgetting to stop and appreciate enough so that we can become so much more satisfied.
Tune in to remember what's good about life and where the treasures are.

Energy Stew
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