Karen Frances McCarthy had a terrible tragedy happen in her life. Her fiance suddenly died while she was traveling for business. Even while she was in unfamiliar territory out of town, serendipitous events brought her to places where she learned that he was still around but in another dimension and could give her clear signs of his presence. She was astounded that strangers could hear and identify him. It woke her up to an expanded reality she'd been unaware of. The more she researched this phenomena, the more real it became and found that she also had gifts of connecting with the other side. She embarked on a totally new path in her life to help people know they haven't fully lost their loved ones. Her book, "Till Death Don't Us Part, A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life" describes her fascinating journey.

Losing loved ones isn't as hard when we know they're still alive but in another dimension that we can make contact with. It doesn't remove our grief yet it certainly helps us feel better about their future and the greater love that we share. Karen Frances McCarthy lost a loved one and, to her surprise, she was able to make contact with him across dimensions. Her book, "Till Death Don't Us Part", is the amazing journey she found herself on to learn about life after death. Don't miss this interview where she'll talk about her discoveries and where they have taken her ever since. It's a larger Universe than we ever imagined.

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