Alison Smith has learned to use many of our expressions about trouble in nature and translate them into trouble in life. With these narratives, we can examine the quagmires we're in and imagine how we would find solutions to get ourselves out of seemingly impossible situations. Her book, "Can't See the Wood for the Trees" is published in the UK so they use the word "wood" they way we use the word "woods". Or maybe we can say, "Can't see the forest for the trees". How many times are we stuck in the details and lose track of the big picture? Maybe you've been stuck out on a limb or feel like a fish out of water. What terms can you think of that represent your dilemmas?

Alison has learned that when we use these metaphors, our subconscious minds have more handles to use to find new solutions for us. These are really power tools to be more successful.
She's worked with them for a long time and has many stories and understandings to tell us about. It certainly is an opportunity to process our lives in a more entertaining way.
Be sure to tune into this fascinating interview and learn how to use nature to help define your lives - at least your predicaments.

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