Patricia Cori is a wonderful author who's been on our show before. She's written many books and this new one, "The New Sirian Revelations, Galactic Prophesies for the Ascending Human Collective" has remarkable details about a world we know almost nothing about. Her first book, in 1996, exposed many secrets, including scientific, that no one else knew then. They've all proven themselves since. Now she's done it again. If you want to learn about many hidden facts, listen to this interview. It's important to know what's really happening.

Here's an opportunity to learn a lot of new things about the world and universe we live in that will fascinate you. Patricia is a channel for the Sirian High Council and receives the deepest understandings about life.
She has new revelations about the cosmos and how it is rapidly changing to bring us into a new age. She also will inform us about the hidden powers that have run our societies for thousands of years and are losing their strength and what that means for our future.
This is an interview you won't want to miss.

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