Dianne Collins, the author of "Do You Quantum Think?" is back on Energy Stew to talk about how our new understanding of quantum science teaches to think and behave differently. Physics tells us our universe is intelligent and consciousness is the key to our reality. So, how do we use our consciousness to align with this new understanding? How does it shift our reality? As we heard in last week's show, we are in a new 9th wave of consciousness so Dianne's purpose is to help us develop new strategies to align with this higher brain activity.

This is a time of great promise that can lead us out of the current chaos we see around us. We need to think and live new. How do we do that? It really takes mindfulness to break the old molds of our behaviors and open ourselves to the resources of the intelligent universe. Most brilliant people know how to do that and draw on knowings that are beyond our mundane minds.
Dianne is a great teacher of quantum thinking and has a lot to offer to the Energy Stew audience. Be sure to listen to her wise words. On her website you can watch a trailer to her new and very inexpensive mastery video program.

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