I loved watching this Japanese film about spirituality. It has a lot of drama about dealing with negative energies but I found it very inspiring and had a lot of cultural charm. Yoichi Utebi, the producer of "The Real Exorcist", explains that the central focus of the film is to illuminate the reality of psychic and supernatural abilities as a means to help people with life challenges. Themes such as suicide, bullying, depression, peer pressure and more are highlighted with individuals who are marred by these challenges. The heroine, Sayuri, works in a coffee shop and people arrive who need her clairvoyant and esoteric abilites. She has a beautiful nature and the flm expresses a lot of the artfulness in the daily life of the culture. I was absorbed in it.

I'm so glad to speak with Yoichi Utebi, the producer of "The Real Exorcist", and have this opportunity to learn about this wonderful new Japanese film that explores the deep spiritual energies that operate in super reality. Most of us are unfamiliar with a lot of it but many cultures hold these ideas in their consciousness and they're revealed in their lives.
I enjoyed traveling into these supernatural phenomena that are so well presented in the film. You can really get to appreciate the heroine of the film and her powerful abilities as well as her charming personality.

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