Grace Schireson the author of "Naked in the Zendo", is an accomplished Zen Buddhist master and President of the Shogaku Zen Institute (a Zen teachers' training seminary) She has practiced Zen since the 1960's and has traveled the world to do so in other places. I recently interviewed another Zen master, Brad Warner, and Grace brings us a different perspective of what Zen means and how a woman can accomplish the practice versus a man since it's a predominantly patriarchal system. She's been quite a pioneer bringing her female perspective into the mix. Zen has always been very impersonal and no one is supposed to have any unique individual needs. Expressed individuality and vulnerability have long been considered feminine traits and Grace wasn't going to ignore her personal and important needs. This was a confrontation in many Zen centers yet she found some enlightened male abbots who could hear her. Grace has always had her special dietary preferences and she developed some bio-mechanical differences so the different centers she practiced in had to learn to accommodate her. This led, among other reasons, to a lot of leadership opportunities. Grace is very well spoken about her long, fascinating history as a Zen practitioner and master.

Grace Schireson is an accomplished Zen practitioner and teacher and has wonderful stories to tell of her fascinating journey through the Zen world.
Tune in to hear her talk about her evolution from a 60's motorcycle riding hippie to the wise senior she's become. It wasn't an easy trip dealing with a predominantly male system that had many rules that couldn't be questioned until she came along.

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