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This has been a very difficult time for those of us who remain unvaccinated. The government has told the public that we are a menace and this has certainly created a lot of hatred and extreme behavior, not only among the public but also around many of those we know personally.
There are many people I know who won't talk to me anymore. Some of you are in the same boat.
To help me cope with this, I've had visits from beyond that have been extremely healing and revelatory.
I think you'll appreciate what happened.
I was telling my friend and frequent Energy Stew guest, Alexander Dunlop, about all this and he said he'd like to interview me about it.
We've heard about extra terrestrials but are we ready to them to present themselves and all the advanced technology they work with.
After all, how can they even get here from such distant worlds?
How again will we even relate to each other and the "modern" world we've been living in? It's hard enough for our scientists to accept most new discoveries that are man-made.
Alan Steinfeld, the author of "Making Contact" has a very comprehensive book about all natures of this and other considerrations of what contact will mean to our world.
Most aging books deal with the outer work of aging, especially how to care for your body better. Connie Zweig, in her book, "The Inner Work of Age" looks at how to care for your soul as you get older.
There are so many ways to age gracefully no matter what your outer circumstances are. It's the inner circumstances, even when related to the outer, that really count for your soul growth.
Her book is very comprehensive and examines many ways to look inward and work on the deep psyches at work in the story of your life.
We've heard about extra terrestrials but that isn't all there is. There are other dimensional beings who even live on this planet.
Alan Steinfeld, the author of "Making Contact" has a very comprehensive book about all natures of this and other worldly phenomena. He makes it clear that he's the right man for this book right away in the interview when he says he's an extracelestrialterrestrial. Of course you all know what that is.
This will be a fascinating talk with Alan, who has traversed the whole landscape of underrstanding of these higher dimensional realities over a long period of investigation.
This is certainly a topic that most people will be interested in.
How is money held in your life and how are you influencing it?
We all know that for some people, their lives are showered with it and for others it's almost impossible to stay afloat.
What are the energies that are influencing that? There's always energy work that can be done to change the story.
Peb Donahue and Madeline Gerwick have written a very comprehensive book about the factors in our lives that can expand or limit our financiail prosperity.
They have great offerings for us to live in more abundance so be sure to listen to this show with them.

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