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Michael Goddart has written a wonderful book detailing the many human lives he's had. Being a very unusual person, he's able to look deeply into the details of each life and understand why his soul needed them for his evolution.
It's fascinating for all of us to realize the potential diversity of our histories and what has brought us to this life. How did we learn to have the natural abilities that are available to us?
Tune into this interview with Michael as he guides us through many hundreds if not thousands of years with fascinating stories and purposes that carried him through his lifetimes.
In this show, Steve Gottlieb and I will talk about the energies at play in our lives now with all the difficult choices we have to make and live with.
We're in a time where many people have no idea about the information they've been given and how true or not it is. So many of us see grave danger in experimentation with science and are willing to be seen as social misfits by not cooperating with mainstream thought.
We'll offer tools and techniques to help you balance your energies and create some peace and calm.
After 40 years in service as a Christian Minister, Jim Willis and his wife decided to head for the woods of S Carolina so he could spend some time "wrestling with God". He has now written many books about the history of civilization and his current book, "Censoring God" focuses on how the many historical writings concerning God were hidden away for thousands of years.
We'll be talking about how and why this knowledge needed to be buried and what the discovery of this means to our understanding of history and religion.
We'll also talk about the constant need through history and especially in our current time for truth to be withheld from the public.
It seems to be a constant story of humanity.
Some of his recent books are, "The Quantum Akashic Field" . "Lost Civilizations" and "Hidden History".
Michael Goddart has written a wonderful compendium for developing our greatest potential. He has many different lists in his book for the different ways to achieve wisdom.
We're in this life to achieve incredible growth and so much gets by us when we're not paying attention.
Michael as many lists to bring us back to our nobler purposes and live in greater awareness.
In his book, "A New Now", you can explore the eleven guiding wisdoms and the ten keys to achieve equilibrium. He also has eleven evolutionary wisdoms.
These are meant to bring you to the joy of becoming nobler. It's also a great joy to hear Michael speak. He really has so much wisdom to share with us.
He can remember dozens of his past lives and what they taught him. We'll explore this part of him in a future interview about another of his books.

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