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We're all born into a Human Design that we can't help but live with. You don't even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you're born to be.
For this show, I'm going to describe the particular traits that are known as your "profile" and also your "Venus Sequence". There are 2 profile traits and 1 Sequence trait in each person's chart.
The profile traits are your unique life strategies and the Sequence traits are how you respond to potential trouble with others.
It's also important to learn how others are different from you and why they behave the way they do. These aspects are among many others in the charts and there'll be some future shows regarding them.

There's always more to know about the way cards work in our lives. Alexander and I have done many shows about them. We're always playing our birth cards anyway so let's find out how our lives are guided by them. In life, we're always challenged to become our best selves and our birth cards leave us wide open. Whatever cards we're born to are the vibes we give off and as impressed as some people are, others are responding with "Oh yeah?". We'll look at all the cards and suits to explain how they not only create doubts from others, but also how those doubts create our own self-criticism.. You can learn about your own card by going to Alexander's WEBSITE and put in your birth date. It'll immediately show you your birth card. Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", is a great ambassador of this amazing system

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD has a wonderful new book, "Into the Nothing, A Spiritual Autobiography" that has enriched teachings about following a spiritual path. He's had an amazing life and is a wonderful role model to find the optimal conditions for spiritual liberation.
Life is an incredible paradox of living between dimensional worlds and we can learn how to maximize the juggling act. What we need is inspiration and Gabriel knows how to offer it.
You'll be amazed at where his life has taken him and the many spiritual masters of many traditions he's met along his path.

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