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Outliers are people who don't adhere to the norms. They know how to think for themselves. You likely, as a listener to this show, are an outlier yourself. Dr. Jane Goldberg, also an outlier, has been a pioneer of new ideas and technologies and for decades, I've learned a lot from her and when I want to learn about the latest greatest innovations, I turn to her. She's a practicing psychotherapist, has written 9 books and also runs a holistic spa, La Casa Spa and Wellness Center in Manhattan and Puerto Rico. She'll be speaking with us about a lot of unique healing modes including the Hocatt and hormesis.

Dr. Jane Goldberg has always been a mentor to me as I find her an expert about so many subjects. She often surprises me with new healing opportunities and truths.
Tune in to hear about what's going on in ways that can bring greater clarity for our progress.

The Yugas are an ancient Hindu system that maps the course of consciousness through time. There are different levels of consciousness with the Satya Yuga being the ideal state. We're not in that now but it's the prize we'd like to acquire. Jason Gregory is a master of Eastern philosophies and has produced a beautiful video documentary of this body of knowledge, "The Yugas, The Great Time Cycles of the Universe". It's helpful to understand the time cycle we're now in to know how to appreciate our evolution better.


Jason Gregory has an amazing grasp of Eastern philosophy and has produced this documentary to help us understand where we are in the ongoing cycles of consciousness. The Yugas are an amazing body of knowledge about these cycles and explain why our society is behaving in the way it is. You won't want to miss this in-depth interview with Jason to gain insight in the Yugas.

After 40 years in service as a Christian Minister, Jim Willis and his wife decided to head for the woods of S Carolina so he could spend some time "wrestling with God". During his spiritual explorations, he became fascinated with our ancient past and how many civilizations have come and gone.
He's looked at our current civilization and analyzed it through the perspective of a famous text written by Edward Gibben in 1783 called "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".
Gibbon recognized 5 reasons why that Empire fell and we should look to see how we're doing accordingly. Maybe we're living out those 5 reasons now.
If we can't learn from history, there's a good chance we'll be repeating it.
Jim can help us find our way and reveal how the powers that are playing out need to be better managed according to old mistakes.
One of his recent books is, "The Quantum Akashic Field" and two others are "Lost Civilizations" and "Hidden History".
Jim Willis is a fascinating man. He comes from a conservative background and then discovered larger worlds available through the timeless implicate Universe. For this show, Jim will talk about the transitory nature of civilizations and how we might be in a very precarious time of losing our current society. How many mistakes are we making that have been made many times in the past?
Tune in to hear Jim's wise words as he can help us see how to make this life work for a better, longer future.

I loved watching this Japanese film about spirituality. It has a lot of drama about dealing with negative energies but I found it very inspiring and had a lot of cultural charm. Yoichi Utebi, the producer of "The Real Exorcist", explains that the central focus of the film is to illuminate the reality of psychic and supernatural abilities as a means to help people with life challenges. Themes such as suicide, bullying, depression, peer pressure and more are highlighted with individuals who are marred by these challenges. The heroine, Sayuri, works in a coffee shop and people arrive who need her clairvoyant and esoteric abilites. She has a beautiful nature and the flm expresses a lot of the artfulness in the daily life of the culture. I was absorbed in it.

I'm so glad to speak with Yoichi Utebi, the producer of "The Real Exorcist", and have this opportunity to learn about this wonderful new Japanese film that explores the deep spiritual energies that operate in super reality. Most of us are unfamiliar with a lot of it but many cultures hold these ideas in their consciousness and they're revealed in their lives.
I enjoyed traveling into these supernatural phenomena that are so well presented in the film. You can really get to appreciate the heroine of the film and her powerful abilities as well as her charming personality.

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