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The deck of cards holds many keys to our personalities and soul journeys. We've had a lot of shows about them and they've become familiar to our steady audience. This show will answer some of the questions from our audience since the last show about challenge cards. Alexander Dunlop, the author of "Play Your Cards Right", has uncovered a hidden card that he calls a Challenge Card. This is a theme playing in the background of our lives that shows the kind of challenges and limitations we face. In this show, he's going to go over all the cards in the deck to explain each of their challenges. It'll be very thorough. He's also offering a new program where he'll be sending out daily emails with the card of the day and an analysis and meditation about it. You can sign up for a trial of this new project HERE It can really help explain why you've had certain limitations throughout your life that are hard to understand.

This show is a wonderful opportunity to climb deeper into the themes of your life as now there's even a "challenge" card to understand yourself and your life issues. These are persistent patterns that have limited you and it's best to learn about them to make the most of your life.
We'll discuss every card in the deck and what its challenge is. You won't want to miss it.
You can also sign up for a new, daily card email as it's smart to know what card is active each day so you can make the most of it. Here's a LINK to it.

Brad Warner is a known Zen master who doesn't want to be known as a master. He doesn't believe there's anything to master. He's clear it's not a religion and there's no dogma to represent. So what is it? He has taught at hundreds of locations around the world to explain it to people and he's written many books about it. It's just a practice of sitting with what is. It's not about getting "chill" and creating peace. It's not about creating anything. There are no goals except to just sit for different lengths of time. It's not about creating comfort. It's really just about being present with whatever issues come to you. Of course there are monasteries that have very strict rules and strong punishments. That's not Zen to Brad. It's just a culture some groups have formed around it.

Brad Warner, the author of "Letters to a Dead Friend about Zen", has a lot to tell us about what it is and what it isn't. He has a lot to say about the misconceptions people have that have turned the word into many different kinds of products and services that have to do with peacefulness.
It's not really what Zen teaches. It only promotes a practice that expects people to sit in a particular posture for sometimes very long periods of time. Zen temples are not supposed to be friendly places. They're very serious about getting the job done and that's it. Sometimes, it's even too serious. Not all of us are designed to handle the rigors of it.
It's really great to hear from a long time practitioner who has traveled the world and visited temples and monasteries in remote places. He's given talks in many countries and has written many books. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from him.

Sandra Mendelson, the author of "We Walk Beside You, Animal Messages for and awakening world", is back again to tell us more about what the animals have to say. They have a lot of wisdom about many different subject matters and I've asked Sandra to compile her responses from elephants. Every species, including elephants, has its awakened representatives who are capable of conversing with her. Just like humans who aren't all wise, the animals have similar percentages. These particular elephants knew that Sandra was available and contacted her from South Africa. She really knows how to zero in on the most valuable insights they have.

Sandra Mendelson, a renowned animal communicator, has been hearing from dozens of species about their lives and also how they relate to us. For this show, we've zeroed in on elephants and It's surprising how deeply they understand life. There's so much we haven't learned about them because we haven't asked. Fortunately, Sandra has and it's amazing how profound the answers have been.
Be sure to tune in and enjoy this special opportunity.
Every year, Human Design produces a chart describing the traits of the year. It's from a map that uses the hexagrams of the Chinese I'Ching and chakras that are described by the planetary positions above us.
On the show we will look at the amazingly insightful descriptions of the traits that are brought into play this year.
There's always quite a story to tell and this year, as always, it's very incredible what the story is about.
Again, I'll be speaking with Nattalee Lillico, another Human Design analyst as I am. We'll be deciphering this year's chart for you.
I can tell you it's going to be a hot show as there's so much the chart has to say about what's happening. It all makes sense about what we think is at play for the year, so let's find out how Human Design describes it.

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for it. Alexander Dunlop and I will examine the major themes of 2020 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are. We'll look at the Source Card that shows the chief energy of the year and how that plays with the numeralogical pattern of the year. I was very surprised to see the juxtaposition of what showed up and how clear these patterns expressed themselves.

Alexander will talk about the numerological energies at play and show how they manifested last year and are now morphing into the current year. It'll really help you better understand the changes we are expecting. I'll be working with the Chinese I'Ching as a divining tool and see what hexagrams are showing up for the year. it's really no surprise how accurate they always are. Tune into the show and see the patterns of the New Year. You'll really appreciate the messages. Next week we'll be looking at the detailed information the Human Design System provides for the year. I can tell you it has amazing information to offer.

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