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We're talking again with Shelli about the choices we have to advance our thinking and connect with higher and inner resonances. She refers a lot to the writings of Rudolf Steiner about his experiences perceiving other dimensions and the writings of Patanjali, who described the Yoga Sutras. Shelli has profound knowledge of the science of the explicate versus the implicate universe and can even describe their measurements. It's information you've probably never heard before. It's the opportunity to learn where non-local and non-dual space begins because somehow, it has to exist. It's actually within the within. She often refers to the work of the scientists David Bohm and Max Planck. Shelli Renee Joye, is the author of "Developing Supersensible Perception" and takes both a philosophical and scientific approach to help us find our way. It's wonderful to speak with someone who has such profound understandings of non-dual awareness.

Here is another opportunity to hear from one of the most profound guests we've had on Energy Stew. Shelli has a scientific understanding of the different realms of consciousness both in the explicate and implicate worlds. It's fascinating to hear her talk about the great thinkers and scientists who have been the pioneers of deeper thought. Shelii can straddle all worlds as a spiritual scientist with a great grasp of eastern and western forays into the mysteries of life. She has been a dedicated student of the work of Rudolf Steiner and Patanjali and, among other subjects, will explain why the Yoga Sutras were developed. Be sure to tune into this interview with Shelli Renee Joye to learn more about the consciousness process and the histories of its heroes. We'll talk about getting the most out of the reality we live in but haven't been entirely aware of. Maybe we can know of the entirety but, of course, can never fully reach it although it's worth seeking.

We live in a mysterious universe and sometimes it can really surprise us. Joey Nittolo was awakened by voices and visions and thought he was going crazy. He was even hospitalized for a short time. No one could understand what he had become opened to. His old self and values didn't make so much sense to him any more and he knew he had to change his priorities. All of a sudden, he wanted to be a more giving spirit. He gave up a very successful, material life to live in closer contact with the spiritual universe. He also wanted to express his new understandings and developed a podcast, "The Space Between", to explore and express more about spirit. He’s also staging The Space Between Music Festival in September 2020 at the Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor, Egypt. It will be the first of many concerts (to include festivals in Bali and India) to honor sacred sites around the world. These will also help fund programs that support sustainable oceans, and the creation of a line of holistic, healthy products for lowincome families who can’t afford the kind of products available at high-end grocers.


We're in a time of great change and for many of us, it includes changes in consciousness. Joey Nittolo underwent such a profound change he was sure there was something wrong with him and so did all those around him. He had awakened into a multi-dimensional state of being and had to learn all about it. Many of us have had strong awakenings and some are more prepared than others. This show will help if and when it happens to you. Be sure to tune in and hear Joey Nittolo talk about his very strange experiences and how they moved him forward in life. He had to change most of what he knew.

We've all learned to consciously perceive reality using our 5 senses. On an unconscious level, we're perceiving much more than that and don't normally realize it. There have been schools and teachers who have taught us to tap into this deeper consciousness and many of us have gotten good at it. Are you good at it too? Certainly, we can all get better. There's no end to how deep we can go as our perceptions can be more and more fine tuned. The yoga sutras tell us that we can reach a state called "samadhi". Yoga itself is considered a "link" to this deeper world. My guest, Shelli Renee Joye, the author of "Developing Supersensible Perception" takes both a philosophical and scientific approach to help us find our way. It's wonderful to speak with someone who has such profound understandings of nondual awareness.

We all believe we have reliable perception and are aware of what we need to live a fulfilling life. But, are we getting the most of what life has to offer? What if there's a lot more that we haven't noticed? Maybe we can take our awareness to a deeper level. How much deeper can it go? Be sure to tune into this interview with Shelli Renee Joye to learn more about the consciousness process and the eastern and western histories of its heroes. We'll talk about getting the most out of the reality we live in but aren't entirely aware of.

Sky is back and we're talking more about the nature of flow in our lives. How can we best live in flow and what does it do for us? Many of us think that flow is what we meditate and do yoga for. Of course that's true but maybe there's flow moving in our lives all the time and we just don't know enough about it. Perhaps everyone should be taught about the power of flow that's always at work and learn how to flow with it better. Ideally in life, we don't need to ever think about it as it's just a natural way of being. Sky Nelson-Isaacs, the author of "Living in Flow", has studied it for many years so it's great to hear from someone who has a deeper understanding. You'll be amazed at how synchronicity works with flow and how powerful that is in your life but you're not always conscious of it.

The subject matter of flow means this will be a deep show. It's so important to learn how flow is influencing us and how we're influencing it. It seems life is a dance between the power flow is exerting on us and the way we dance with that to change the tune in our favor.
We're going to learn a lot more about this flow dance in this 2nd interview with Sky Nelson-Isaacs. Be sure to tune in.

We talk a lot about angels but how many people have had active conversations with them? How are they heard, and how do we know exactly who we're hearing from? Adria Estribou is back on the show to let the angels tell us more. We have some important questions for them to answer. What kind of information can they give us? How far seeing are they? Certainly, if you're a non-believer, you won't even listen to the interview with her. But, maybe listening will end up making you a believer. You can also hear Adria's mindset about what she hears.


These are times when we'd all like to have higher guidance. Most people don't know where to turn as they don't know people like Adria Estribou, who speaks with angels. Tune into the show to hear from Adria and also we'll have input from archangel Raphael and archangel Ariel. It's not that Adria has the answers so we'll see how she's able to express the input from above.
This will be an exciting show as I have some interesting questions for them to answer. I want them to talk about life turmoils, 5G and ET presence among other things. She appears to be very grounded and clear and expects the angels to make sense.

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