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So many of us are expecting an ascension that can lift us out of the stuckness we're experiencing. It seems humanity doesn't have any answers to its current state of chaos and the world appears to be heading in the wrong direction. Everyone wants change but there's no agreement about it and extreme elements seem to be gaining power. Maybe this is the only way to clear out the old but not an easy way to bring in the new. Judy Satori is an expert about the esoteric nature of life and has a lot to say about the ascension process we seem to be in but not convincingly yet.

Judy Satori has so much to tell us about the wave of ascension that's beginning to take hold. She channels valuable information and does a lot of public speaking traveling to do workshops around the world. She's from New Zealand and is now on a European tour. You can receive recordings of her workshops.
Her website has a lot of information so take advantage of it. Judy says: "I work with thousands of people to activate their true human potential and birth a New Earth."
Be sure to tune in to this show and you'll also hear Judy speak Light Language which some of you might not be familiar with.
Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds is a wonderful novel that follows a young woman while she explores worlds within worlds on and within our planet.
There's great adventure in this book and the author, Saryon Michael White, brings us into new realities that exist in populations within our Earth that are unknown to us. Roya is a New York teenager with great spiritual gifts and she takes her family and close friends on a journey into these multi-dimensional realms.
The book explores the possibilities that our future can hold once we have moved beyond the limited 3rd dimensional reality we're still in.
This book will grab your attention as there are so many fascinating moments and unusual events presented.
I was so excited reading this book as it led me into worlds we can only dream about. It takes us into underworld beauty and amazing physical wonders that this advanced civilization lives within.
There are also many challenges as the pictured idealism has its enemies and the characters in the book have to survive using multi-dimensional methods which are not easily obtainable.
Be sure to tune into this interview with Saryon to learn more about the great adventure he's presented us with.

We learn so much from regressive hypnosis and looking back in time to see where we've been and what we've done. We can obtain an almost endless history of past lives and souls who have traveled with us. One of the most meaningful experiences is traveling back to our life between lifetimes. Most people have no idea that we can actually experience being in meetings before we were born and see how we were planning for this life. What does it feel like to be with souls and advisors you haven't met in this life but know deeply from you past soul journeys? On the other side, we're with guides and counselors who help us look back to see how we've grown from a previous life and help us look forward to see what options can await in a subsequent life. We really do make plans for our future lives and even make agreements with other souls who'll be there with us. What will their jobs be? Sometimes they're responsible for the tragedies in our lives.

Robert Schwartz has dedicated his life to learn more about the windows that open up to us regarding our soul journey. Some of his research has included working with channelers who could report on details about the other side. They could see souls in planning sessions and communicate what was transpiring. Other research has come from Robert, using hypnotic trances, bringing his clients back to in-between lifetimes. They report directly from their trance experiences about the planning they did as well as their experiences just being on the other side and the other spirits they were meeting.
This is all very fascinating information so don't miss the opportunity to hear Robert and also learn about his books you can order. "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" and "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born"

Our guest, Dr. Melvin Morse, became a leading expert and author about Near Death Experiences before he was sentenced to jail. We're going to talk with him about how people's lives are often completely turned around after having an NDE (or other interruptions) and what life then goes on to mean to them. His life was completely turned around by his prison ordeal and he has much to say about this experience. There are many advanced souls in prison and Melvin has a lot to tell us about his deep journey with them. When you understand the nature of NDE's you can have a much greater perspective about the meanings of life.


Melvin has dedicated his life to understand our soul journey by exploring the nature of NDE's. He was a pediatrician in a hospital where many children died and were resuscitated. They often had NDE's and he studied their explanations about them.
Within his family, a false accusation was made about him and he ended up being incarcerated for a number of years. He felt this was a blessing as it opened him to a whole new world of profound people and experiences.
Tune into this show to hear what he has to say about this very unique journey he's been on.

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