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Healing is an important subject matter to so many of us but what can we really expect of it? What do we actually think it can do? Sometimes it can be very magical and other times can be disappointing but at least it gives us hope. For many, even the placebo can be powerful. In this show, Steve Gottlieb and I will talk about the concept of healing, its value and also the misconceptions around it. Maybe healing can be understood in so many different contexts that it's hard to know how to define it beyond "getting better".

Have you been healed? Are you seeking healing? What has it done for you and what do you expect of it? What do you think about when the word comes to mind? - your body, your relationships, your mind? Maybe you think of friends you believe can use it. So many people just want their pains to go away. Are we looking for deeper solutions or just a quick fix? Maybe we just need a little stroking. Buddha said that life was all about suffering and maybe we just have to learn how to deal with it. But wait a minute! What if we can overcome it? Isn't that what we're all trying to do? So, let's address healing as the answer. Then what comes next? What do we do? It turns out there are a lot of healers in the world and also healing tools. Maybe we're in luck. How much of it is really effective and what effect will satisfy us? There's a lot to talk about, so join Steve Gottlieb and me and listen to this conversation about a subject you might really care about.

We're always thinking but who's doing it? Are we our thoughts? What's behind them? Maybe who we are is not about the way our thoughts define us but about the consciousness that brings awareness to our thinking. Maybe the journey is about getting to know ourselves through the use of our mind and expanded mind exploring this world. Science doesn't know how to relate to consciousness because it doesn't know how to find it in our material brains. It thinks it's just a by-product of brain function. So, to them, our brain and our thoughts are all there is to our self-knowing. Maybe our self-knowing works on two levels. One is our constant awakeness and the other is what we learn from it. So which comes first? If we just focus on the brain and how our brain describes us and our life, then we're stuck with the limitations science has explained about the brain. Perhaps if we delve into the potential energies of consciousness, we can find more opportunity to explore a greater part of ourselves in the Universe.

Mark Gober has written a wonderful book, "An End to Upside Down Thinking", and explores all the ways our minds and souls can know themselves. This is a comprehensive book that looks at so many abilities our consciousness can realize. He also explains the limited thinking that has left the scientific world with such limited knowledge about us and our abilities. Tune in to see why Mark and his book are getting such fanfare in the world. He's done a great job of describing the expansiveness of ourselves and the opportunities we have for personal growth and for our civilization.

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