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There's a great service being offered by a group of young people on the other side who are trying to help parents grieve for their lost children. Their group is called "The Big Circle" and they connect with these children and have them send voice communications to audio devices on our side. We can actually receive voice messages in recordings from those we've lost. I'll be playing a few of them on the show. I know it's hard to believe but the technology is real and the voices sound very true to those who are hearing them.

My two guests are very active in the world of instrumental transcommunicaiton and can explain what it's all about. One of them lost a son and the other a brother and both have received many messages from them.
I was shocked to know this is happening and that we can actually hear from the dead. Not everyone will believe this no matter how convincing it is. You have to be ready to accept life after death and the ability for the other side to connect with us using modern technology.
Tune in and find new light about our eternal natures.

Every dog is special and here to offer love yet some dogs appear to be much older souls and can connect at unusually deeper levels. Elena Mannes, the author of "Soul Dog", had such a pet who changed her whole understanding about consciousness and spirituality. She then began a path to learn more about the spiritual realities that our pets can present to us. After working with many animal communicators, she discovered the unusual bonds we have with our pets and the beautiful souls they embody.

You'll want to hear Elena's story about her discovery path with Brio who kept on enlightening her with his wise presence and deep love. Animal communicators were always greatly impressed when they tapped into Brio's consciousness. He awakened her to a spiritual reality she hadn't yet known and the richness of the soul world that our pets live in.

Are you ready for a tuneup and live even smarter? Do you feel you're in your full power? Can you truly claim it? How about some very practical tools to upgrade your life? Barbara Berger's newly revised best seller is "The Road to Power, Fast Food for the Soul" and truly deserves its popularity. Her book indulges in so many lifestyle applications that you can really fine tune yourself. Every one of her 36 chapters is a different kind of power to use better. How about the power of "deep peace" or "right seeing"? How about the "power of the Force" or of "mental technology"


Barbara's book is time tested and has changed many lives. Tune in and get some fast food to empower your life. She has great wisdom to share.


Robert Moss truly gets around and much more than any of us. He travels to other times and places that we can only read about. He even can do it with others who also have this great gift to explore reality outside of the time we're in. His new book, "Mysterious Realities. A Dream Traveler's Tales from the Imaginal Realm" will totally fascinate you. You'll have a wonderful appreciation about how real our imagination is and what it can teach us about many worlds and parallel lives. Robert is a terrific writer and each page offers wondrous adventure. There are so many realms he explores and brings us with him. Maybe someday we can all dream like him and learn about this marvelous universe we barely know about.


Robert is a wonderful guest and understands how exciting his travels are for us. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from such a master.




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