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We're multi-dimensional beings and are operating on these different levels at all times simultaneously. We don't realize it because our conscious minds think they're taking care of business. They are fully integrated with our sub-conscious, unconscious and soul and those are working with a lot more information about our life purpose in ways our minds and egos haven't yet discovered. Our souls clearly know what we're here for and are in league with our sub-conscious which has a much larger computer than our conscious minds. With all of this at work, how do we know what to expect of ourselves so we can follow the truest path? Maybe we're going to follow it anyway so we can just get out of our own way. Alexander Dunlop and I are going to talk about the subtleties and paradoxes of life and you might appreciate this show journey.

This will be a very deep show discussing the inner workings of our consciousness and how it functions in this world in our identities. We have particular purposes that we came here for and do we really know how we're going to fulfill them? What can we expect from the mysteries of life?
Alexander specializes in the Destiny Cards (the 52 card deck) - The Book of LIfe, and is the author of "Play Your Cards Right".

We've been misled for decades about the great value of the psychedelics that can allow our society to become more enlightened. Science is now catching up and realizing that these medicines can open our brains to higher knowing and allow us to see ourselves as members of a universal consciousness. The medicines are healing in many ways and Dr. Richard Louis Miller has compiled a book of his interviews with leading scientists who are doing important work in this modality. Many of us have had previous experiences with these medicines and can relate to their power of consciousness expansion. So many others have been either frightened away by government control and propaganda or have found them unavailable. Tune in to gain newfound knowledge that will give you hope for a better future.

Richard's book, "Psychedelic Medicine, The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin and Ayahuasca", is very important to read to enable us to see the opportunity these medicines can bring to society. Don't miss this chance to hear from an expert in this field and become so much more familiar with what's headed our way.


Tricia McCannon is one of the deepest people I know. Her books are always major works of profound research and inspired thinking. Her new book, "The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Discovering Your Divine Purpose", is a wonder-ful opportunity to know so much more about ourselves. In this new interview with her, she'll talk about how to relate to our current times through the prism of our spirituality

This show aired today at 11:30 AM but this promo wasn't sent out on time. The archive is available so you haven't missed anything.
Tricia has a lot to say about the difficult times we're in and the perspective we should take from a spiritual viewpoint.

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