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Our ability to manifest is always in question. Can we really get all that we want? Actually, it's a lot more complicated than just asking for anything. Maybe we need to be a lot smarter about it. Mike Murphy, the author of "The Creation Frequency" has written a wonderful book to understand the parameters of manifestation so we can actually make it work. Don't miss this show to learn how to become more powerful in your life.


We're all efforting to make life work the way we want. Maybe we can do a better job and use more tools for accomplishment. "The Creation Frequency" offers a new way to build and empower our dreams.

Jacob Israel Liberman, the author of "Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living", has been a student of our eyes most of his life. As an eye doctor, he discovered that they are working as a window to our souls. We don't realize that as our consciousness guides our eyes, our eyes are also guiding our consciousness. They see much more than our conscious minds can comprehend and alert us to what our souls are seeking. He can tell us so much about this window to ourselves.

Light is a medium of communication and our souls depend on our eyes to receive it. Yes, we see, but only what we understand about life. Jacob can show us how to hold our vision in a deeper reality of Universal energies. It's about being more the master of our awareness and the potential for what we can comprehend through light. To have a deeper understanding of our soul is to use our eyes more optimally. This interview is an opportunity to hear from a master who has learned to live in a multi-dimensional awareness. Find out how to do this for yourself. Tune in so you can learn how to enjoy a more luminous life.

Sara Wiseman has written a deeply wise book, "Messages from the Divine, Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul", about living true to yourself and your soul purpose. This is about being open to the universal part of yourself and staying connected. Sara can really tell you how to live in more freedom to explore life without fear and worry by explaining the miracles of your everyday experience. Her intuitive awareness has helped her see the abundant gifts we are constantly shown and she helps us to see our own. There's also a deep wisdom inside all of us that most aren't attuned to. Here's an opportunity to learn how to draw from it.

This interview is an opportunity to hear from a master who has learned to live in her multi-dimensional awareness. Find out how to do this for yourself. Tune in so you can learn how to live more authentically with your soul.

How much pain can you live with without suffering? Maybe a lot. It all depends on your frame of reference to it. How well are you nurturing you spirit?Perhaps if you believe in yourself enough, you can champion life and overcome many types of pain that can lead to suffering. Can you make the pain an objective obstacle on your way to more wholeness or is it a subjective obstacle that eats away at your heart? So much of our suffering are the limitations we place on trust in life and our ability to believe we can overcome our troubles. Catherine Carrigan, a medical intuitive, has written a wonderful book that gives you the tools to stay on a path of wholeness. She offers chapter after chapter of steps to maintain excellent health ans spirit.


Tune into this insightful interview to lean about the many ways you can nurture yourself. Catherine is a terrific resource for healing and has written many best selling books. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from a master.

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