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Dreams can warn us of serious health issues and, in fact, have saved many lives. Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos and Dr. Larry Burk have worked together to research and compile hundreds of examples of women who have had dreams that showed they had breast cancer. In most cases, they had no idea about their problem and often doctors discounted their dreams when they couldn't find obvious signs of the cancer. The dreams wouldn't stop coming and so many women had to insist on more testing which proved positive.

Their book, "Dreams That Can Save Your Life", is a great opportunity to learn how to identify these dreams which may also be for many other health issues. It's amazing how helpful our subconscious tries to be as it knows so much more than our conscious minds. Of course, it'll often speak to us in metaphors so we should be alert although these kinds of dreams are designed to be remembered. They might have to repeat themselves to get your attention so don't worry that you'd miss them. Tune into this very insightful show with Kat about the power of our inner lives and how we're guided by the great force of our soul.

Everyone is reading your energy vibes on an unconscious level and is responding to them. These are your personality frequencies and an excellent window to them are the playing cards you've been born to live out. When we know our cards, we know why people behave the way they do with us. This depends on how their cards want to play with our cards. They don't have to know anything about cards to be playing with them unconsciously. Fortunately, we can find out about our cards using our birth dates. It's uncanny how accurate and revealing this is. These patterns also include shadows that challenge us to become better. We can't defeat these shadows but we can learn to accept them and even dance with them better. Alexander Dunlop and I are going to talk about the shadows that come with each birth card you are born to. It's so helpful to know how that works.

To find out what birth card you are playing, go to and provide your birth date to know your unique birth card. That way you can follow the show better.
We'll be discussing different cards and the shadows that they play. Learning about this will make your life a lot easier and you'll get to see the bumps on the road when your shadow isn't able to hide from you.

We live in fearful times and the future appears unknown. There's so much to worry about. How can we make life easier? What's the secret to a quiet mind? Maybe it's all about how we hold life. Can we trust life? Can we have faith in it? Do they both mean the same thing? What if they don't? Maybe understanding them can help us live in more ease. Listen to this deep journey with Jason and see what you can do to re-figure your fears. Let's live like we're our own masters. Jason Gregory has written a wonderful book about living in the spontaneous state of natural harmony. Maybe we can really do it.

Are we all here to be challenged and live hard to squeeze what we can out of life? Or, maybe we can live easier if we allow life to flow through us and we flow through it. What if there really is synchronicity and serendipity. Let's see if we can watch it become clearer in our lives.
When we can learn to live in more trust, we can be in so much more peace. I'm finding it a lot of fun to be more of an observer living to my fullest and letting life unfold in wonder.
Listen to this third very insightful interview with Jason and learn to enjoy your life so much more.

Steve Gottlieb is back and will talk about handling everyday life to uncover what is blocking us to live in full freedom. Using EFT can actually manifest so much more than you can imagine. It changes energy at the deepest levels of your being and can free you from many if not most of your limitations. Try it. We all have past memories and conditioning that can inhibit us and limit our sense of power, health and well-being. We're just not using the full power available to us.

Steve Gottlieb, an expert EFT practitioner and I are going to talk about the ways in which we have scripted ourselves to live with limited unconscious programs that interfere with what we are seemingly expecting of life. We have so many goals but we also have conditioning that underlies and rejects our positive purposes.
It's really helpful to root out and cancel these programs. This can be done using muscle testing to see what ideas you can hold or not. If your mind doesn't agree with your positive statements it will weaken you.
This is when the tapping and making affirmative statements at the same time can help erase the unconscious script and write a new one.
Tune in to learn more about this wonderful process that can free you from your own limits.

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