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Charles Langley, the author of "Spirit Land" has dedicated years of travel with an authentic Navajo shaman/medicine man and has had many unbelievable experiences. He has witnessed a culture that lives with strange and magical phenomena that are made real by their belief systems.. It was only through observing hundreds of ailing natives who were brought back to health through techniques that are not understandable but work. Originally a lifelong journalist and editor of one of the largest newspapers in the world, he looked through very skeptical eyes to witness mysterious, positive changes in the Navajo's health. The methods are not found among shamans of other cultures. They're even stranger.

Charles will describe some of the unusual phenomena he experienced in a culture that has been very complex and secretive. Even their language is impossible to interpret which is why they were used during war time to pass along secrets that couldn't be deciphered by decoders.
What we might call superstition became very real and one of the main functions of the shaman has been to break curses that have been created by professional witches who are very much in demand. Miraculous recoveries have come from solving these curses.
Tune in for some very unique information about a very unique culture.

Tricia McCannon is one of the deepest people I know. Her books are always major works of profound research and inspired thinking. Her new book, "The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Discovering Your Divine Purpose", is a wonder-ful opportunity to know so much more about ourselves. In this third interview with her, she'll talk about our souls and how they've developed over time an operate at different levels. Which level are you?

This show will explain why many of us are so different from others. It's hard to explain the choices many "other" people make when we seem to know better. Are we more evolved or Is it just our egos that make us feel like we know better? Aren't we all built the same and are just making different choices?
Maybe it's just our Human Designs or our upbringing. Maybe it's just the culture we're born into. Maybe it's that some souls have had a lot more lifetimes than others.
Tune in for some very profound understandings about our soul journeys and how our life is shaping up accordingly.

Patricia Cori is a wonderful author who's been on our show before. She's written many books and this new one, "The New Sirian Revelations, Galactic Prophesies for the Ascending Human Collective" has remarkable details about a world we know almost nothing about. Her first book, in 1996, exposed many secrets, including scientific, that no one else knew then. They've all proven themselves since. Now she's done it again. If you want to learn about many hidden facts, listen to this interview. It's important to know what's really happening.

Here's an opportunity to learn a lot of new things about the world and universe we live in that will fascinate you. Patricia is a channel for the Sirian High Council and receives the deepest understandings about life.
She has new revelations about the cosmos and how it is rapidly changing to bring us into a new age. She also will inform us about the hidden powers that have run our societies for thousands of years and are losing their strength and what that means for our future.
This is an interview you won't want to miss.

If you're interested in self-improvement, it's important to know what you need to improve. Your life works in patterns of who you're here to be and to learn and respect the patterns will assist your success in life. These patterns also include shadows that challenge us to become better. We can't defeat these shadows but we can learn to accept them and even dance with them better. Alexander Dunlop and I are going to talk about the shadows that come with each birth card you are born to. It's so helpful to know how that works.

To find out what birth card you are playing, go to and provide your birth date to know your unique card. That way you can follow the show better.
We'll be discussing different cards and the shadows that they play. There's no cause and effect to this as the shadow is always in play in your life anyway so you can be willing to identify it or not. Learning about this will make your life a lot easier and you'll get to see the bumps on the road when the shadow isn't hiding them.
We can't cover all the cards in this one show so there'll be future shows to tell you more.
I'm at a stage now where I can anticipate the shadow showing up so I can be prepared and maybe even have some fun with it.

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