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Are these really enlightened times? C'mon! -  Energy Stew interview with Jason Gregory
In this difficult time it would sure help to be more enlightened. Is enlightenment to help us get out of this dense reality?
Is seeking this the answer? Are we to avoid duality? Do we really need to escape? 
So what really is enlightenment, and how can we find it without negating what we're in this life to do? Are we really here to negate living in the craziness of today?
Jason Gregory is the author of "Enlightenment Now" and can answer these questions to provide the path to liberation.
Listen to this deep interview with Jason about how to live in the true nature of enlightenment.


What is the purpose of our hearts if not to pump blood? Maybe new understandings of the mechanics of blood will help us. 
Dr. Tom Cowan, the author of "Human Heart, Cosmic Heart" is working with a new discovery about water known as the 4th phase. It shows that water when sitting in a vessel can create its own charge and move itself. It's why water can climb a 300 foot tree.
We have thousands of miles of blood vessels and our small hearts have to help the blood get through all of them. Now we know that blood can help the heart out by moving itself. So then why do we need the heart?
Dr. Cowan explains the heart is shaped to torque the blood into a helpful spin which strengthens its 4th phase state, so we do need it.
He feels that heart attacks occur when the heart's muscle is limited by an imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Naturally, this would be due to stress. 
He agrees that arteries can be clogged with plaque but there's enough collateral circulation that blockages can be naturally bypassed.
We need cholesterol for many bodily functions and the amount of cholesterol most often doesn't correlate with the build up of plaque. There are other factors that instruct the body to build plaque even if there is very little cholesterol.
So what do you do for your heart health? Be sure to tune into this show to learn more about heart attacks and how to prevent them.


Do you have a Clarity Compass? -  Energy Stew interview with Dr. Brit Poulson
I'm sure we'd all like to have more clarity in our lives. Maybe we have too many blind spots and fall short of our goals. 
It's a good idea to have some structure to analyze and strategies our purposes and get what we want out of life. Dr. Brit Poulson is a great help for that and has written the book, "The Clarity Compass" to help us be more effective in life.
Be sure to tune into this important interview with Brit and learn how you can make the compass work in your life.


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