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There are so many ways we can quickly assess someone's personality by glancing at their hands. Once you learn this, it's hard not to look. A wonderful new, comprehensive book has come out that's very easy to read and holds your attention. Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen have written a very accessible and wonderfully illustrated book of hand reading, "The Art and Science of Hand Reading, Classical Methods for Self-Discovery through Palmistry". 
In this interview, you'll have an exciting and educational experience of their knowledge and joy about this very insightful world of your hands. Make sure you have your hands available as you listen to the show because you'll learn a lot about yourself. Of course I'm going to wear mittens for this interview and become inscrutable. (just kidding) They love what they do and will make this half hour a lot of fun.  Don't miss it!!
What if you had significant improvement in your intuition?  What would you know?

What if your knowledge about yourself, others and life in general were so enhanced that you could make more powerful choices and see much better outcomes?

What if stronger intuition showed you that you're never alone and there are many beings on other planes who are always around you?

What if you just knew so much more?

My guests on this show all live with enhanced intuition.  You might think they are not normal and they think they are not normal - at least not in the traditional understanding of normal.

What's it like to live with intuitive power? Does it solve everything? Not!!! But it sure helps!!!

Heart River Center has been an intuitive school for the last 19 years. I founded the school and Lisa Denton was a student who became a teacher.  She's amazing! Sometimes the two of us work together to solve intuitive mysteries. Steve Gottlieb will also join us.  He became a professional intuitive after years of study at Heart River.

Mas Sajady became intuitive after two near death experiences when he was out of body and received empowerments and wisdom from the other side. He's in town to teach at the New Life Expo this weekend. I'll be giving a talk there as well.
Do you have your astral travel map?

Astral travel has infinite destinations so a map can only show you where you've been and not where you might go.
Garnet Schulhauser has traveled to places it's hard to even imagine and he writes about them in his books.
His latest book and interviews are extremely fascinating and open you up to realities and conditions that are important to learn about.
For those of us who don't astral travel, it's hard to imagine what it's like or even to believe it exists. 
Putting your own beliefs aside, Garnet's books are so full of greater wisdom and possibilities that to not enjoy the ride is missing out on much wonder.
I'm in his camp and am divinely inspired by the stories he collects from his travels.  A lot of people have astral traveled and also have great experiences to bring home. Garnet is assisted by a spirit named Albert who comes for him and introduces him around the Universe.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about his adventures and the wonderful insights he shares.
His new book is "Dance of Heavenly Bliss" and his first two were, "Dancing on a Stamp" and "Dancing Forever with Spirit".
We do our best to listen well and none of us are perfect.  I found this book "Listen to Succeed, How to Identify and Overcome Barriers to Effective Listening" very helpful to understand my own listening limitations.
My guest, the author Leslie B. Shore, has written a very comprehensive book to identify all kinds of both internal and external listening barriers.  See if I've become a better listener when you listen to this interview.
This subject is more important than you might realize and plays an big role in our success.  
Don't miss this opportunity to identify some new skills that might help you listen better.

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