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Every year, the Human Design System reveals the unique world-wide themes and characteristics we will have to deal with. There's much detail and I'll be talking with ReGina Concotelli, a fellow Human Design Analyst who I often compare notes with.
It's uncanny how this system can derive so many unique insights through the placement of the planets, the wisdom of the Chinese I'Ching and a chakra template.  Most of the time, these charts are used with people's birth dates and give an accurate rendition of the mechanics of their personalities.
ReGina and I will examine the Human Design chart for this year and it has a lot to say.  Every new year, we wait for the chart to show a particular alignment that signifies the start of the Human Design year.  This year, the date was January 22nd.

David Young never expected his music to have this result.  He's always been spiritual and strange occurrences began to happen when he picked up his flutes. He's had over a million sales of his recordings and has been nominated for a number of Grammys. Don't miss this opportunity to hear how it all happened and learn about the man behind the powerful flutes.

Debra Schildhouse wrote about the history and development of Bio-Touch and her experiences at theBio-Touch center.  
It's a simple technique that uses the first two fingers of each hand which are lightly placed on specific points of the body in different sequences.  As simple as it looks, it provides dramatic healing and people have been relieved of complex and life threatening conditions.
A friend of mine was suffering from a chronic condition and went there for help.  He told me his symptoms very quickly disappeared.
I think you'll be glad you listened to this interview with Debra, the author of "Bio-Touch, Healing with the Power in Our Fingertips".

Dr. Bernie Siegel is one of the most fascinating people and always inspires our hopes for a better world.  He's back on the show with his latest book, "Love, Animals & Miracles, Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond". 
Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the great men of our time.

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