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Kat James was dedicated to looking better and nothing was working.  She became a beauty expert and earned her living helping others look good.  It was all about the outside and finally she discovered the inside and it changed her life.

Once one's inner beauty is revealed, it's easy to nurture and greater self-confidence is achieved.

Kat has written a wonderful book, "The Truth About Beauty, Transform your Looks and Your Life From the Inside Out".  Her book is very comprehensive with many chapters about what REALLY works on all levels of health and wellness in order to shine.
Self discovery is an important path and finding many windows to it has always been a passion of mine and likely yours.  My body has many mysteries to it and the more I can learn about it, the better I can understand myself and live better.  It's also an opportunity to help others know more about themselves.

Medical astrology can show you how your body has been born to perform and how it's doing according to the movement of the planets.

Tanya Galperin Schneider brings special expertise to the subject as her medical and psychiatric background can more deeply understand what astrology is showing us.

She has written a new book, "Medical Astrology: Galactic Code and its Implications".
Robert L. Weber and Carol Orsborn are two aging experts who came together to write "The Spirituality of Age, A Seeker's Guide to Growing Older". 

As long as we're here, we might as well fulfill all that we can.  There are so many opportunities to enhance our aging process and this book really understands them along with the limitations that age can create.

Tune in to this interview with both authors and you'll see how you can manifest more of the richness of your years. 
It looks like Vitamin D is more valuable than previously understood.  You'll want to learn the details so you'll know how much you need and all that it can do for you.

The scientist I'm interviewing is my brother, Alan Roth, and he has found amazing evidence of its important properties.  You probably haven't heard that hospitals using it are saving many lives.

How many lives might you save just by telling people about it?

Vitamin D is measured in thousands of International Units and to many the idea of taking thousands of anything can cause concern.  It even worries doctors who recommend it.  On the show you'll learn why these extreme numbers were created.

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