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Marc Allen is my guest who has written the book "Tantra for the West".  It's a wonderful book to help live in the deeper truths of life.  It's a lot easier when you have greater awareness and tools to handle life's challenges and be able to make better choices.

This interview can really help travel through life better.
Alka Dhillon has learned to manage her fears and weaknesses by using special modalities to enhance her life.  She addresses many of these struggles in her book "The OM Factor" and provides the fixes for each.

Although she says the book is "a woman's spiritual guide to leadership", I feel we can all use it's guidance to empower ourselves and create fulfillment.  There are so many wonderful understandings and tools throughout it.

I've asked my wife, Deborah Roth, to co-host with me since the book firstly addresses women and she is on her own powerful spiritual path.
In these times, we need to think differently.  How do we do that?
Perhaps we can use the quantum qualities of our brains.  Let's find out more about that.
Dianne Collins is the author of "Do You Quantum Think?" and is helping us live smarter in these evolving times.

Our brains are certainly capable of functioning better when we can learn to tap in to their deeper accesses and use new ways of thinking.

Tune in to this enlightening show and find out how to maximize your mind.

Is your ego too involved in your story to really see it?  How many choices in life does your story give you?

Maybe you need some fresh eyes to really see who you are and appreciate even more about yourself.Kim Schneiderman's new book, "Step Out of Your Story", is an opportunity to see yourself in the third person.

She offers guided writing exercises to look at who you are and what your story is about.  They key is to refer to yourself as a he or she so you can be less passionate and have a better observer's eye.

In reading her book, I was very inspired to start writing and see what I would say about myself.  She really helps guide the subject matter so you don't have to be at a loss for words.

Tune into this intriguing interview and maybe it will help bring your story into more focus.

Dogs and cats have more to say than we think.  We might believe they understand a lot but, even then, we sell them short.

The entire animal world knows how to communicate with each other.  Us humans generally just use our 5 senses and we think our pets are limited to them also but they work on intuitive levels we don't know about.
Tim Link, the author of "Talking with Dogs and Cats", has learned how to communicate at these deeper levels and has a lot to teach us about how to do that too.  
Life with pets can change dramatically once we know how to communicate in more effective ways. It's not about loving them more but rather having more fun and opportunities living with them.

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