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We are each born into a particular birth card based on our date of birth.  Alexander Dunlop, a card expert, has been on a number of Energy Stew shows and I've studied the cards so we are both very enthusiastic about how accurate and meaningful they are in our lives.

In this show, he'll be discussing how the cards reveal our love language and how they match up with the people we are close to.  You can find your birth card ahead of listening to the show if you go and you'll see where to input your birth date.

Here's an earlier show with Alexander when he describes the purpose of each card in the deck.

Some remote tribes have amazing healing abilities.

Robbie and Gary Holz each separately had this experience and it was life changing.  Gary was given only 6 months to live with MS and traveled there in his wheel chair with no feeling below his neck.  He was able to walk off the airplane when he got home and then lived another 12 years.

He was empowered to become a charismatic healer during his remaining years.  Afterward, his wife Robbie was invited to the outback for her own revelations and has written the book, "Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening". 
James Connor was a yogi taking a 3 year retreat and studied the Yoga Sutras from ancient times.  He learned a lot about what powers yoga has offered to serious practitioners and wrote a novel about it.

The Superyogi Scenario is an action packed adventure involving amazing physical abilities that help save the world.  The book is also packed with serious and inspiring lessons about yoga and meditation.

Be sure to listen to this action packed interview with James and learn more about the possibilities we can aspire to.

Learn to live in radiant health!

Living in full health requires a commitment to be responsible for all aspects of your life.  Dr. Katherine Kelly has written the book "Soul Health, Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living", which covers the gamut of 11 principles to live in harmony.

Be sure to tune in to this show to make sure you're covering all your bases.    

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