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In so many ways, our civilization is reinventing itself. New thinking and new technology are moving us forward.

Elliott Maynard is a futurist. His PhD is in Consciousness Research although he delves deeply into the physical sciences. Thus, his book, "Brave New Mind, Living in a Future-Science World" represents his research into the amazing new discoveries and developments that new thinking has created.

His book covers a huge panoply of opportunities to change our lives and fix the planet and he also looks at the way our brains are transforming into new consciousness capabilities.

Be sure to tune in to this wonderful interview with a true leading edge neo-renaissance author. You'll feel much more comfortable with the future in store for us.

The Human Design System has much to say about the character of this coming year.  Listen to this in-depth discussion about it.

Every year, the Human Design System reveals the unique traits we will have to deal with.  There's much detail and I'll be talking with ReGina Concotelli, a fellow Human Design Analyst who I often compare notes with.
It's uncanny how this system can derive so many unique insights through the placement of the planets, the wisdom of the Chinese I'Ching and a chakra template.  Most of the time, these charts are used with people's birth dates and give an accurate rendition of the mechanics of their personalities.
ReGina and I will examine this year's potential and I think you'll be intrigued at what the chart says. 

There are many researchers who have devoted their lives to prove our on-going existence after death. Apparently, the dead are just as interested in our ability to recognize them and have their own teams of scientists on the other side working to make it easier to connect.
Roberta Grimes is my guest again and has a new book called "The Fun of Staying in Touch". She's not psychic and explores the subject matter through her scientific objectivity and years of training as a lawyer.  
No matter how strong the evidence, there will always be people who believe in their own skepticism and will never be open to clear, objective facts.  I guess being dead will eventually open their eyes.
Roberta has many important points to make and you'll enjoy knowing so much more about the dead.
Be sure to tune in on air time or to the archives.

7bd59dea-cc61-420c-9783-49969d51a717All matter is vibrating and we can fine tune these vibrations for health.

Our bodies are symphonies of subtle sounds that vibrate differently in each of us.  There are instruments that can identify them and we each have particular notes that are strongest, some that are weakest and some that are missing.  It can be shown that we have some discordant frequencies that need to be shifted to be in correct harmony for health.
Eileen Day McKusick has written the book, "Tuning the Human Biofield" and she is an expert about working with tuning forks.  She actually uses them so much she wears them out and she'll explain how that happens during the interview.
The tuning forks actually speak back to her during her sessions and help her know what is happening. It's a very sophisticated and useful modality.
If you love healing sounds as much as I do, you'll want to hear what Eileen knows.  We'll even run some vibes during the show.  Be sure to tune in.
This week's live show produced an interesting prediction for 2015.  Hear what the I'Ching had to say about this new year.
When I set up the show to receive live calls from listeners, I thought I'd also provide the input I had just received from the Chinese I'Ching for this year.

At first, I had asked for higher guidance as to what to ask the I'Ching (which is an ancient divining tool) and I was told to ask about the future this year for our whole world.  I then proceeded to use the Chinese coins to show the outcome.

I was very surprised to get the hexagrams they pointed to and the insights from them.

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