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Aleya's healing tones are transformational.

Aleya Dao is a very gifted vocal toner and has produced magical music that can transform your consciousness.  During the show, I'll be playing snippets of her CD's and speaking with her about the content and technical qualities of her work.
Aleya also offers wise counsel and produces daily meditations called Cups of Consciousness. Some of her work includes toning along with whale songs. Very magical!!
Be sure to tune in and become familiar with Aleya's work so you can align with her wonderful frequencies.

Why does so much of society seem to be breaking down and where is that leading us?

History has run in cycles and we're mirroring patterns of the past.  The Mayans were able to identify the changing times of civilization from 5135 BCE until the present.  They knew an epoch would end recently and we'd enter into a new one.
What can they tell us to show where we're headed and how to understand it?  Carl Johan Calleman has dedicated his life to decipher the complex information of the Mayan Calendar and explain what is happening in our time.
His new book, "The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization" elaborately illustrates how we've evolved and how we're going to be evolving through the next approximately 360 years.  After that, all bets are off.
Tune into this fascinating interview with Carl and hear about the changes we are in and why.  

Relationships normally cycle through many struggles.

Every relationship takes work.  We enter into them with very high expectations and then the magic begins to wear off and we're left with many new questions about our ability to sustain them.

It should be no surprise but our brain chemistry can distort our clarity at first.  Then there are a number of cycles ahead that the relationship has to prove itself through.  No easy task.

Linda Carroll has written the book, "Love Cycles, The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love".  Everyone needs to become very familiar with these cycles as they repeat themselves throughout long term relationships.  You'll feel much more normal when you know about them and can manage them better.

Tune in and become better at relationships.

There are many truths unworthy of our respect.

Betsy Chasse was the award winning producer of "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and thought she had things figured out.  Then she realized she never really got it and needed to start all over again.
She examined the sacred cows that so many people hold dear but they weren't working for her.  She had to rediscover her own truths about happiness, love, spirituality, etc, and wrote " Tipping Sacred Cows" as a guide to self-discovery.
Tune in to this interview to hear how her journey has been going and what we can learn from it.

Mas is back again and we're in for a treat.

Mas Sajady is one of the unique master healers in the world today.  As the result of 2 near death experiences (among other things), he was gifted with profound insight and healing frequencies that have helped thousands of people.
He has a deep understanding of life on all levels of consciousness and will provide wonderful information for our growth.  During the show, he will also emit healing frequencies to the audience so even if you just listen to the archive, those frequencies will be effective for you.
Among the subjects we'll cover are the foundation frequencies that we are all living with and can be very constricting.  One of our jobs in healing is to raise their frequencies so we can make progress in ways that we've previously been stuck.
Also, Mas will be in New York the middle of October at the New Life Expo to give a talk and a workshop. I'll be there as well and also giving a talk.
Be sure to tune in to this show both for the enlightenment he offers and the healing energy he'll project.

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