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Very few people have had access to this indigenous tribe and this wise and powerful shaman.  

All of our planet is being threatened by modern times and the Andean peaks are even losing their glaciers. The remote Earth keepers from there are realizing they need to bring their wisdom to the world to help change consciousness.
J E Williams, the author of "The Andean Codex" and "Light of the Andes" braved the 14,000 foot altitude to visit and study with Sebastian, a shaman and leader of the Q'ero tribe.  The Earth energy, Pachamama, and the Apu energy of the mountain peaks made it clear to them that they needed to travel out to speak of the basic principles that can save us.
The interview with both of them will focus on the teachings and deep truths that can empower today's society.
Tune in to be enthralled with the stories and wisdom of this unique tribe and what they can offer to the world.

Life isn't easy so we often forget how precious it is and how the magic is working.  

Karen Maezen Miller, my guest this week, is a Zen Buddhist Priest who has written the book, "Paradise in Plain Sight".  She purchased an old house with a dilapidated, very old Japanese garden in back and she wasn't a gardener so had her work cut out for her.
Perhaps we all feel we're trying to make a beautiful garden out of our lives but it isn't so easy.  The question is, when do we get to enjoy it?  Zen teaching is very inspiring to make the present work for us and Karen has written a ton of wisdom into her book. 
Listen to this show to inspire yourself about the paradise that already exists.  We keep forgetting to stop and appreciate enough so that we can become so much more satisfied.
Tune in to remember what's good about life and where the treasures are.

We can intuitively draw lines and shapes that answer important questions in our lives and in others.

Your doodling might hold very important information.Elaine Clayton, the author of "Making Marks" calls it "intuitive stream drawing" and her book shows us how to use our pens and pencils to discover deep truths in our lives.
It's so much fun to let your hand do the talking.  This interview will be very empowering for those who want to see what their marks can do for them.  It's not about being an artist but rather just being an intuitive and the forms our lines create might even look like scribbles but hold insightful messages.
This is a wonderful opportunity to explore intuition in a very natural way.  Don't miss this great interview with Elaine.

Can we survive in a world where the power seems to be on the wrong side?

Jude Currivan is both a scientist and spiritualist who has written a number of non-fiction books about the unfolding and evolving time we are in.  She has now written a very dramatic novel about the forces of darkness and light not only through the ages, but how the struggle is now endangering our total survival.
I loved reading her book "Legacy" that contains so much spiritual history of the planet to understand the deep nature of the forces at work.  Her heroine, Elenor, had past lives in Egypt and England that brought her to the role in her current life of wielding the sword of King Arthur.  
The book is full of challenges and suspense and pulls your heart toward Elenor and her battle to subdue the powerful people who are trying to weaken and dominate our civilization.
Be sure to tune in to this exciting interview with a master story teller who is helping us all find our way to a better future.

"The Book of Knowing and Worth" can transform your life.

Paul Selig has channeled his third book and the content is powerful.  The book was spoken through him and transcribed directly and he was told there isn't any editing so it gets to the point and doesn't even have mercy on Paul's own human errors.  He was not directing the words that came through him and had no idea what was going to be said next.
In this interview, we'll talk about the understandings of self and how to know ourselves in a greater way. There are so many lessons on how to believe in ourselves and live in trust of our larger self.
His book is a wonderful tool to learn how to live more powerfully and in greater attunement.
Don't miss this opportunity to listen to a deep discussion about how to hold these lessons.

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