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Our minds are opening in so many ways to the larger consciousness of the Universe.  Many people are having magical experiences and life offers many ways to experience our connection to a larger, more inclusive reality.
I'm interviewing Larry Dossey about his new book, "One Mind".  Tune in to learn so much more about how our minds are bigger than we might realize.
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It's a new year and that can inspire us to make improvements in our lives and really get our acts together.  I'm interviewing John J. Murphy the author of many books on self-development and effective teamwork.  John has wonderful understandings of self-empowerment and group empowerment.

He gets into the details of making things work more effectively so let's move into this year with clear input from an expert on output.  I read John's latest book, "Zentrepreneur" and have been motivated by so many of his ideas.

Tune into this show to be inspired and better informed about how to make effective progress this year.

You can listen to the show when it airs on Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.
Our difficult emotions seem to be such a problem in life and it would appear best to live without them. The struggle is actually our greatest opportunity to discover the richness in life by climbing deep into our souls for answers.
I'm interviewing Robert Augustus Masters, the author of "Emotional Intimacy" and many other books about emotions.  In his book, and this interview, he dissects many important emotions that we experience to help us know them better and work with them more effectively.  Often we live in a jumble of emotions and this can aid us in clarifying them and even a combination of them.
Some of our feelings aren't really our pure emotions but our story about them which ends up confusing us more and we become less likely to untangle ourselves.
Tune into this very insightful program to learn more about yourself and what you're carrying around. You'll feel a lot lighter and more powerful from it.
You can listen to the show when it airs on Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

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