A lot of intuition flows through from higher consciousness and many of us intuitives don't ask from where it comes.  It's the quality of the information that counts.  Hope Ives Mauran, the author of "Being the Miracle of Love", believes the same but her messages often come from spirits who offer their names.  That was the case with her new book dictated to her by a spirit named Jesus.

She understood and I reacted that many of us might question who this spirit truly is.  I cautiously waded into the book and was very swayed by the profound messages throughout.  We are coming into a new age and the book is filled with understandings of what will be needed to be in the consciousness of a world that can actually work.

Tune into this interview to learn more about the richness of the information and the story of Hope's journey with Jesus.

You can listen to the show when it airs on Saturday at Noon or listen to the archive.

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