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Dr. Phil plays to the crowds.  He solves problems using classical psychology to mollify and palliate them.  His resolutions often lead to shame and guilt and can shut people down without finding the deeper needs that should be addressed.

I'm interviewing David Bedrick who wrote the book "Talking Back to Dr. Phil, Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology".  Listen in to appreciate the deeper meaning of our struggles and learn how we can resolve them through love, compassion and understanding.

We have Alexander Dunlop back again to wow us with his insights of the wisdom of the 52 card playing deck.  This time he is focusing on which abundance card we are each born into.  He'll explain how to read this aspect of many of the cards.  It's incredible to know that our abundance is guided by a particular card that we are born into.
You can find your birth card at his website,
Be sure to tune in.

Higher mental abilities are showing up more and more as we are evolving and many people are gaining access to messages from other dimensions.  Kelly Kolodney has been a trance channeler for 23 years beginning when she was quite young.  Originally she just kept it in the family but years later she decided to share it with the public.

She's mostly known for channeling Archangel Raphael.  During this show, we'll talk about the whole phenomenon and her life as a channeler.  We'll also have some time to allow Raphael to come through and talk with us as well.  This is a show not to miss.

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