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Stefanie Darrell and Darren Knight are back to talk more about their astral travel experiences and the information they've learned about life in higher dimensions.

Stefanie is the author of "Seven Glorious Days in Heaven" which describes some of her other-world adventures and offers a lot of detail about what happens to us after we pass on.

This is a fascinating subject and they both bring so much knowledge to the interview.  Be sure to tune in.

I interviewed Dr. Irwin Abraham, a medical doctor who specializes in prolotherapy.   This is an amazing treatment to restore joints and backs and eliminate pain.  The harmless injected substance from this actually grows new fibers so tendons, muscles and ligaments actually become strong again.  Torn tissues get healed.  There are so many great success stories with this including my own.  Be sure to tune in to the archive and find out how to eliminate pain and limitation for yourself and/or family and friends.

"The Last Shaman", written by William Whitecloud, is a wonderful action novel that is both extremely enlightening and great fun to read.  Set in Africa, it's a story of shamanistic discovery that becomes the solution to overcoming major conflict.  After reading the book, I felt inspired to live more as a shaman than I was previously drawn to.  I'm sure you'll feel the same way.  Tune in to this exciting interview with William and learn more about the opportunities of working with the tools of the shaman.

Marc Allen has written a wonderful companion book that keeps us hooked in to our magic.  We all need to live more magically and Marc knows so many ways to achieve that.  Be sure to listen to this interview with him and add more magic to your life.

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