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Our culture today isn't shaped by the rules of yesterday. There's not a lot we can depend on for the long term. Jobs, the economy, the climate - we just don't know what to expect so we need to build a new culture that can handle change and limitation. We need to become resilient. James H. Lee has written a book entitled "Resilience and the Future of Everyday Life".

He does a great job of describing the many ways we have already begun to evolve. We're sharing more and creating new community exchanges of goods, services and information. There are new ways to build, farm, bank, barter, learn, travel, shop and more that we should develop familiarity with. We'll need to rely more on basic skills and innovation.

What does the term "evolution" imply?  We are in times of big change and expect evolution to do its magic.  What role do we play in evolution?  Carter Phipps book "Evolutionaries" provides a very well explored examination of this phenomenon and can help us understand ourselves and how we help move the process along.  He looks at the rich history of evolution and what it means in the present, not only about what we can expect but what we can do about it.  My interview with him will help you better understand the changes we are experiencing and how they will shape us.   Don't miss this chance to get a better grip on the times we are now in.  Having read his book, I feel so much better equipped to live in this topsy turvy world.

The previous show about the 52 card playing deck was a big hit and Alexander Dunlop is back to talk more about the deeper truths of the cards.  You can visit his website before the show to find your birth card ( and cards of family and friends.  Then you'll learn a great deal about yourself and others as Alexander talks about each card.  It's not only learning about your own card that makes this show special but hearing about all the other cards will put yours in perspective.  Get ready for a fascinating time.

We are continuing our discussion with John Ramsay, a doctor of Chinese Medicine, about how the body ages, what it lacks and to better care for it.  There are physical processes that need constant attention yet we haven't been taught about how to manage them properly.  It's not so easy and common nutrients and diet will probably not do. This doesn't mean it's that hard either, so it's helpful to know the finer truths and they can be addressed.  Tune in and get some special knowledge to help you stay younger.

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