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Some people know how rewarding it is to know their own Human Design.  They are amazed to hear the mechanics of their unique personalities and subsequently have a language to know and speak about themselves.  It's so helpful to understand our idiosyncrasies.  J.R. "Randy" Richmond is one of the leaders of the Human Design movement.  Nine years ago, he was the one who tested me to be approved as an analyst.  As a psychotherapist, he uses Human Design to help addicts understand their unique designs and see the difficult traits they need to work with as well as learning to use their strengths better.

So many of us are doing all we can to stay healthy and youthful.  Our bodies know how to regenerate provided they are nourished.  Many physical processes need to work optimally so the more we know about them, the more we can support them.  John Ramsay is a Doctor of Chinese medicine and has carefully researched the wisdom of the East and the knowledge of the West to understand these processes.  This first interview with him talks about the different cycles of aging in our lives.  It's important to know what to expect of our bodies and how to treat them better to minimize the wear and tear.

So many of us are seeking more and more self-knowledge.  In knowing ourselves, we can manage our lives better and create more happiness.  It's a wonder that there are many people who are not working on self-development.  So many don't know how to take better care of themselves and are not trying to be more responsible for their growth.  A lot also pay lip service to it.
This show is a discussion with Steve Gottlieb and Mark Germain, two excellent intuitives, healers and counselors who will discuss the resistance we see when people don't want the knowledge or the work that it takes to improve their lives.

The power of a shamanic journey

Our dreams are often windows to our deeper selves.  What happens if we actually become masters of our dream life?  What if we can create dreams that fulfill specific purposes?  Shamanic dream journeys are initiated with a drum beat and the deep states of consciousness can be very productive.
Robert Moss, who leads shamanic dream workshops, has written a new book, "Dreaming the Soul Back Home:  Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole".  In this interview, we talk about the power of this work and the many results one can have.
I recently took a workshop with Robert and was entirely satisfied with the insights and enhancements of the dream work he helped to facilitate for me.  This work is very experiential and speaks to the deepest parts of your soul.

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