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Tools to heal mind and body

We all have hidden barriers in our lives that can interfere with our full health.  I've learned, as an intuitive healer for many years, that the source of all physical ailments lies in our psyche.  The question is, how to get to those hidden parts and resolve them.  I believe that's the key and has been the focus of my healing work.  Dr. Henry Grayson believes the same thing and has written a wonderful book, "Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind" which can also be said in reverse - Use your mind to heal your body.  His book describes many useful techniques and understandings to unlock and transform health.  Be sure to listen to this insightful interview.

The wisdom of the 52 card deck

The 52 card playing deck comes from ancient times and holds amazing information about us.  With your birth date (day and month), you can find out which card you are born to.  The information, from my year's of experience with this, is extremely accurate.   There is so much more to this, and my guest, Alexander Dunlop, has become an expert with this information and will demonstrate how it works.  He'll be using the cards of Barack and Michelle as examples.

Overcoming limitation

Isha Judd, originally from Australia, has created many centers around the world, and mostly in South America, to help empower people through believing more in themselves and life. Her recent book, "Love Has Wings", follows a big success with her first book, "Why Walk When You Can Fly?".  She's a very inspirational speaker and you'll get a lot out of this interview.

Raising our frequencies

Laura Bedford has written a beautiful book that inspires and keeps us tuned to our "heart's song".  Each page is a new take on living in our light and remembering our true selves.  Once I started reading her book, I began to feel the inner messages building up - reminders in new and inventive ways.  Tune in for my interview with Laura and get a feeling for her wonderful, delightful ideas about living our lives in deeper and happier ways.

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