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Energy Stew


Energy Stew


Prayer is one of the most common tools we use.  Do we truly believe it helps or is it that we pray anyway, just in case.  August Gold has written a wonderful book called "The Prayer Chest" that contains the 3 main tenets of how prayer actually works.  It's important to use prayer properly and this is so helpful to learn to believe again in this powerful tool.  Be sure to tune in and learn more about prayer.

Reality has different apparent rules for so many of us.  The way I think doesn't always support my interests.  Barbara Berger has written a book about the many ways we interpret and judge life even to our own discomfort, "The Awakening Human Being, A Guide to the Power of Mind".  Not only is her book about the ways our minds can deceive us, but she also has many tools and techniques to live more consciously and resourcefully.  You'll want to hear what she has to say in this interview.  Be sure to tune in.

An interview with Shaeri Richards, who has written "Dancing with your Dragon" about how to make life work better for yourself. It's a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  The dragon not only represents the darker forces in our lives, but also brings us the opportunity for transformation.  Her work is packed with many awarenesses and techniques to see and help your journey in profound and miraculous ways.  This is an interview you'll get a lot out of.  Be sure to tune in.

Energy Stew
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