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Energy Stew

I'm interviewing Susann Taylor Shier, who has written a book about coming home to the greater part of yourself.  The book is entitled "Soul Reunion" and offers different ways to realize the limited ways we see ourselves and the larger ways we can live with ourselves.  It's a great opportunity to open your mind and heart to a larger theme of life.  Tune in to this important information.

Guest Maureen Turner helps people clear childhood conditioning that is interfering with their adult lives.  She's a psychotherapist who uses hypnotic regression for reprogramming. I'm sure we all work with many "truths" that we established when we were young based on impressions we were getting.  This is an opportunity to replace them from a more sophisticated vantage point.  She'll also talk about how to do this without hypnosis.

Sometimes you can wait to be inspired but it might be better to create it.  I'm interviewing Susan Reeve, the author of The Inspired Life.  Her book works on 2 levels - first, how to clear out the blocks that interfere with inspiration and then how to manifest it.  You'll learn what tools you can use to empower yourself.  This is a show that will inspire your inspiration.  Tune in!

Energy Stew
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