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Many of us think creativity is inborn and some people have a lot more than others.  In his new book, "Creative Thinkering", Michael Michalko provides many different approaches to become much more creative.  There are so many skills that we haven't yet been taught to use.  His book presents the most effective ways to live and work creatively.  This is a show you will get a lot out of.  Be sure to tune in.

Energy Stew


The Reconection


Eric Pearl is an unusual healer with gifted energy. He gets amazing results. Now his work is to pass that energy on so others can use it. His new book, "The Reconnection" is an empowerment in itself. He describes how the energy is used and it's so much simpler than people imagine. I was very pleased to read this and it corresponded very closely to my own teaching over the years. I always say that I'm "ritually challenged" and don't offer any "boxes" of techniques. There are no rows and columns. Eric works the same way so it's all a matter of what's coming from inside. I'm so glad to interview someone I agree with so much. Be sure to tune in and even get empowered yourself.

It's amazing how much wisdom was realized in ancient times in India. Many passages from The Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhakti Sutras and more can be found in a new book entitled "Sacred Jewels of Yoga". I'm interviewing Dave DeLuca, who compiled the book. Each page is a separate passage of these scriptures or quotations from teachers such as Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Dave and I will talk about some of the deep wisdom found in the book. You'll surely want to listen in.

A new book can help you be centered and clear in a minute. Donald Altman, the author of "The Mindfulness Code" has a wonderful new book, "One Minute Mindfulness". In so many ways, this helps you become more aware of the moment you are in and more conscious of what to do or be with it. It's another reference to keep near by when you want to get your head straight. You'll be inspired when you listen to this interview with him.

Energy Stew
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