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Gratitude Power


I've recently used a Gratitude Power Workbook that can transform so much of life's troubles. This show is about how gratitude can be an important tool for overcoming unhappy conditions. I'm interviewing a contributor to the workbook, Alan Kaufman, who will talk about how this power can work for you. Be sure to tune in.

If we can just get into alignment with that soul awareness we might be guided more effectively with much less heartache. Jonathan's book offers deep, guided meditations to bring the soul energy to the fore and empower it. It's a book that helps understand the journey and makes it easier. Be sure to tune in to this interview with him.

Our egos think they are so smart. After all, they've been trying to protect us all our lives. Look what they've done for the economy and the environment. Our individual ego works hard at dodging the bullets and keeping our heads above water. What if there's a better way? Jonathan Parker thinks so and has written the book "Soul Solutions". He believes (and I agree) that our souls are so much smarter but we have to learn to trust them because they don't worry as much as our egos.

There are so many boxes we are taught to live in and so many that just don't fit us. The best way to wiggle out of your boxes is to live in your "mojo" Dr. Bradford Keeney, an acclaimed psychotherapist and "Mojo Doctor" has written a very helpful book entitled "The Flying Drum". He's out to blow up all the boxes including the one's psychotherapists use even though he's the head of the psychotherapy association of Louisiana. He's been guided to many corners of the world to meet and study with unusual "witch doctors" who have taught him how to use magical tools. These are tools (toys) we can all use. My interview with him will open up new understandings and opportunities to live in your mojo magic. Be sure to tune in.

It's so important to adjust our thinking to our current crazy lives. The old way is what got is into all this mess to begin with. There was such a great response to the last show with Dianne Collins that I asked her back to climb deeper in. She has written a very helpful book "Do You Quantum Think?" that helps our minds modernize. Dianne makes many distinctions that create insight and has many exercises to develop a more quantum mind. You'll really appreciate this interview and it may be a big help in your life. Be sure to tune in.

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