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I saw a presentation by Stephen Popiotek recently where I realized he had unusual gifts to understand the potential for dramatic planetary changes in the coming year. I was impressed with his groundedness and optimism as we will be dealing with ongoing chaos on many levels; geological, economic, political and more. He's my guest on this show to share his knowledge and wisdom.

One of the most advanced books on the planet is thousands of years old. It's teachings are as modern as the most recent, popular books about making the most out of life (on all levels). Jack Hawley has come back to talk more about his interpretation, "The Bhagavad Gita, a Walkthough for Westerners" and go deeper into its meanings. I think you'll get a lot out of this show.

Inna Segal has written a very comprehensive healing book that covers every body part and many common conditions. She offers specific healing modalities in every case. This is a very helpful compendium to work with and I'm fortunately to be able to discuss her book with her on this show. Be sure to tune in.

"The Bond" is a new book by Lynne McTaggart who has developed the understanding that we are all designed to get along and make society work. She uses science to understand how everything is connected and it can all work once we diminish the competitive, fearful and greedy nature of this self-destructive time we are in. This is an in-depth interview with an amazing author who really helps us understand. Be sure to tune in.

We all want to make the right choices but figuring them out doesn't always work. We actually need to make them from a deeper, inner place and there might be clues about how to do that best. I'm interviewing Gina Concotelli, a Human Design Analyst who will discuss with me the different ways we are designed to find our Inner Authority.

There are a number of types of authority, as described in your personal design, that we can each identify the correct process to know best. So if you want to know how to know what is best for you, tune in to this show and learn about how Inner Authority works.

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