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I'll be interviewing Paul Selig, a very gifted professional intuitive who will be demonstrating his unusual style and will talk with me about what it's like to be so connected with higher consciousness. I always enjoy talking shop with other intuitives and it's fun to compare notes. I think you'll appreciate listening to this conversation.

Suzanne Taylor has produced a beautiful and insightful new film about crop circles "What on Earth" that is playing in NYC this Friday through next Thursday at the Quad Cinema. There will also be a panel afterwards to talk about it at all the showings. Suzanne is my guest on Energy Stew talking about crop circles and the film. If you can't get to the film, you can hear in the interview what she has to say about the phenomenon. You can also get the DVD online if you google crop circle movie and you can download it through iTunes.

It's amazing how much evolved wisdom existed hundreds of years ago and can guide us as well as any teachings of today. Megan Don is my guest who has written a book "Meditations with Teresa of Avila". Saint Teresa earned her sainthood the hard way by becoming quite a heretic. This book beautifully reveals the scope of Teresa's life that was very grounded as the founder of 17 monasteries and as spiritual as her documented ability to levitate. Megan presents Teresa's spiritual understandings in a way that is engrossing and inspiring. I feel very spiritually lifted and enhanced by her writings. This is an interview that cant truly assist your path of evolution.

New Realities is the name of Alan Steinfeld's TV show and, as I have, he has interviewed many popular prophets of the coming times on all levels of science and spirituality. This show is a discussion with Alan of the evolution into the future and what we know and don't know about it as well as how we might prepare for it. It's a interchange that I'm sure you'll be interested in.

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